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Are you aware that since January 1, 2020, NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professionals in Colorado have been prevented from working on solar systems 300KW or larger?  See House Bill 19-1003, Section 1.  Last year this new restriction on our Certification was pushed through the legislature by primarily the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

This attack on NABCEP certification was not just an attack on NABCEP certified individuals, this attack is stifling competition, this attack will do harm to the entire solar industry, since the NABCEP certification installer program is an important part of the industry, allowing many people an important, direct path to a position specifically within the solar industry, and giving customers more confidence that their solar system will be professionally installed.  In contrast, we have found that electrician training programs in Colorado seldom include significant training in solar pv.  

Going all the way back to Amendment 37, which jump started solar electric in Colorado, the IBEW and NECA did nothing to help develop Amendment 37, nor to get it passed; yet they have taken over a  large portion of the jobs in an industry they had very little to do with creating.

During last year’s legislative session, the IBEW and NECA refused to support key solar legislation developed by other organizations, unless the other organizations caved in to their extreme and unreasonable demands, thus stifling rather than growing the number of solar jobs for everyone.

There could be more restrictions on our NABCEP certifications and credentials in the future if we do not organize to protect ourselves.  If you have any kind of NABCEP certification or credential, then help us protect your achievement by joining Protect Solar Certifications & Credentials Colorado (PSCCCO).  The primary purpose of PSCCCO is protecting our NABCEP certifications, and credentials, our right to work, our right to earn a living, and our right to own and run a solar business.  

Protect Solar Certifications & Credentials Colorado (PSCCCO) will:

  • join with other organizations to monitor the introduction of legislation that is detrimental to PSCCO, and to solar.
  • encourage PSCCCO members and other organizations to support key legislators during their legislative races so that when we need their support, they will be there for us.
  • inform PSCCCO members when their interests are threatened so that they can testify at legislative hearings, lobby legislators and have input on whatever positions PSCCCO takes on legislation.
  • consider amending legislation that is harmful to PSCCCO
  • work with other organizations such as COSSA, SEIA and NABCEP.

Why do we need an organization of NABCEP Certified and, or Credentialed individuals separate from COSSA?  Because COSSA is made up of businesses; and experience has shown us that the interests of solar businesses are often not the same as that of NABCEP Certified and Credentialed individuals.  Many solar businesses are not all that concerned with whether their solar systems are installed by NABCEP Certified and Credentialed individuals, or by electricians.  Destruction of your NABCEP Certificate and, or Credential, is far more important to you than to those who own and run solar businesses.  We need to work with and be a part of COSSA, but we also need to be organized separately. 

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Protect Solar Certifications & Credentials Colorado (PSCCCO) is not directly affiliated with NABCEP since PSCCCO will be politically very active.